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About Aspire

Aspire to better health with Direct Primary Care.

Patient + Physician – Insurance = Better Health Care

Aspire Health, is based on a vision to provide quality and convenient health care at an affordable cost.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership model that replaces the complex and costly billing system of our current insurance based health care. This allows the focus to shift from billing and finances to personalized health care with no hidden fees, all for an affordable monthly membership.

DPC is not health insurance, it is health care. We do not bill insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. It does not cover catastrophic events like hospitalization, surgery, etc.. Patients are recommended to obtain at least a high deductible insurance plan or healthcare sharing plan for emergencies. DPC is a unique concept when compared to the standard traditional primary care model.

* Based on Merritt Hawkins 2017 

The first DPC practice started in 1997. There are currently over 700 direct primary care practices in 48 states and the number continues to rise due to the numerous benefits. Such advantages include, improving the patient-physician experience by providing personalized and convenient access to your physician at an affordable rate. Find a DPC healthcare provider in your area

Direct access via phone, email, text message or video conference

Same day or next day appointments

On-call after hours and weekends for urgent matters


Zero to minimal wait time in office

Small practice size for personalized care

Holistic approach

Extended office visits

(minimal 30 minutes or longer)

Personal relationship with your doctor

Monthly membership of less than $100 per month

(dependent on age)

Transparent prices

No co-payments

Discounted rates

(labs, medications & imaging)


Caring for Pediatric to Adult patients. Urgent and Chronic Care provided.


Preventative medicine providing Physicals, Pap Smears, Sports/School Physicals, Exercise & Weight Loss Programs and much more. 

Holistic Health

Focusing on caring for the “whole” person -- Body, Mind and Soul. Combining complementary therapies with conventional medical treatments.


Focusing on breath training along with basic yoga poses to incorporate a balanced lifestyle. Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Restoritive and Yin Yoga techniques to promote a healthy Body, Mind and Soul.


 A form of therapy that uses the flow of life  energy  in a person. It can relieve stress, pain, improve the immune system and  various health conditions. 

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Meet Dr. Tami

University of Miami

December 2001

Miami, Florida

Bachelor of Science Degree: Biology/Chemistry

Ross University School of Medicine

November 2006

Dominica West Indies

Doctor of Medicine 

University of South Florida - Morton Plant Hospital

September 2010

Clearwater, Florida

Family Medicine Physician 

Yandara Yoga Institute

August 2017

Bali, Indonesia

Yoga Instructor

Reiki Therapist

“Caring for patients the way I want myself and family to be cared for."

-Tami Singh, M.D.

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This has been my motto since starting medical school. After training, I joined a multi-specialty practice in 2010, Clark and Daughtrey, a physician owned group. My patient panel grew to over 4,000 patients in 7 years. My staff and I always strived for a patient’s experience in the office to be a pleasant one. However, the physician owned practice soon merged with a large hospital and the family feel of the office was lost.

Many of the personal touches disappeared and patients felt like a number. This convinced me to seek alternative options to better care for my patients. The obstacles my patients encountered, along with my drive of why I became a physician motivated me to open Aspire Health. The membership model at Aspire Health allows me to devote quality time to my patients and their families, getting to know them on a more in-depth level. The close relationship I develop and the time I spend with patients are personally important to me. This is the foundation of exceptional health care.


In my spare time I enjoy volunteering at the Miami Rescue Clinic, teaching, traveling, working out, yoga, cooking and spending time with my family and friends.

Board Certification, Licensure and Affiliations

Institute of Functional Medicine 

Multiple Locations in the USA 

Functional Medicine Practitioner

American Board of Family Physician

Florida Board of Medicine


Yoga Alliance 

American Association of Family Physicians

Florida Academy of Family Physicians

Plantation Chambers 



"Dr. Tami Singh is a fantastic doctor ... I understand but I am so sad that she has relocated..She always goes that extra step of concern for her patients..She listens & answers all questions."

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Contact Us

Contact us today for more information on the many benefits of direct primary care. Feel free to request a meet and greet with Dr. Tami. We would love to learn about your health concerns and goals and share why Aspire Health might be a good fit for you.

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