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Our Team

After residency, I joined a multi-specialty practice in 2010, Clark and Daughtrey, a physician-owned group. My patient panel grew to over 4,000 patients in 7 years. My staff and I always strived for a patient’s experience in the office to be pleasant. However, the physician-owned practice soon merged with a large hospital and the family feel of the office was lost.

Many of the personal touches disappeared and patients felt like a number. This convinced me to seek alternative options to better care for my patients. The obstacles my patients encountered and my drive is why I became a physician motivated me to open Aspire Health. The membership model at Aspire Health allows me to devote quality time to my patients and their families, getting to know them on a more in-depth level. The close relationship I develop and the time I spend with patients are personally important to me. This is the foundation of exceptional health care.


In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering at the Miami Rescue Clinic, teaching, traveling, working out, doing yoga, cooking, and spending time with my family and friends.

Dr. Tami Singh

University of Miami 

December 2001

Bachelor of Science Degree: Biology/Chemesitry

Ross University School of Medicine

November 2006

Doctor of Medicine

University of South Florida - Morton Plant Hospital

September 2010

Family Medicine Physician

Institute of Functional Medicine

November 2020

Functional Medicine practitioner 


Dr. Jessica Porter

During my residency training years, I looked forward to my time in the outpatient clinic.  It was the time to bond with my patients and get to know them outside the hustle of the hospital.  We hugged, we laughed, and we connected on a personal level. Since completing my training, I have worked as a hospitalist with the Memorial Healthcare System. During my time there, I have held leadership roles and am involved in hospital committees. I am a frontline physician. I joined Aspire Health because I admire this clinic's care and reputation in our community.  It is an honor to join Dr. Tami and the team!  My intention is to provide preventative and holistic healthcare that will keep my patients out of the hospital. My patients deserve it!  

Ross University School of Medicine

November 2012

Doctor of Medicine 

University of Miami - JFK Medical Center/Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center

June 2016

Internal Medicine Physician 

University of California

June 2007

Bachelor of Arts Degree: Biology/French/Spanish

(Spanish & English)

Jason Porter_edited.jpg

Jason Pardillo

Virtual Medical Assistant 


Ilma Giduquio

Virtual Medical Assistant 

Medical Assistant


Suri Singh

Office Manager



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